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Get real time notifications
to track and monitor
projects status

Setup email notification triggers for project milestones and progress throughout the project lifecycle.

Red flag alerts for projects delays, missed tasks and other status requiring immediate attention.

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Customize and automate project management workflows

Customize workflows for your projects, collaborate with team members for project efficiency and real time updates.

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Small IconCentralized, collaborative workspace for your teams

Streamlined communication between team members to efficiently handle projects from start to end. Optionally add your clients and vendors in your project boards for centralized and transparent communication. Easy integrations with your existing tools for a centralized system.

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Unified workspace for your teams

A smooth project management system designed to streamline lead conversions.

Standardize and customize your lead flow management system for an error free project management solution that centralizes all of them in a portal, including the connections with other projects or processes.

Customized Information

Customize your information inputs

Define mandatory terms and conditional information based on what fields were chosen in the previous project or process.

Automate Mundane Tasks

Automate mundane tasks

Set up automation rules for tasks like sending emails and approvals to create a seamless information flow all across projects.

Reduce Repetitions and Redundancies

Reduce repetitions and redundancies

Make and use connections between one project or process to another to reduce errors with automatic information input.

Identify and Solve Bottlenecks

Identify and solve bottlenecks

Use the View 360 calendar streamline and view projects to identify and tackle bottlenecks before they become a challenge.


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