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Patient Enrolments

Patient enrollments

Create new enrollment forms or seamlessly match the right patient to the right program automatically from existing EHR documents. View 360 allows you to reduce manual work, data-entry errors, and additional validation checks required to submit enrollment forms electronically. It also gives the ability to access these forms later within the patient's record in one place for any additional work required later.

Realtime healthcare

Monitor your patient's data using desktops, mobile, or IoT devices in realtime while corresponding with analytical data in the cloud to improve efficiency and patient outcomes. Increase your patient engagement, risk satisfaction, and prevention using features like video calls and screen shares to connect patients with experienced doctors and nurses.

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Realtime Healthcare
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Billing & Management

Billing & management

Ensure the financial viability of your practice by submitting the right claim information on the first try to get paid faster. Create a healthy medical office workplace by automatically populating records, automating document management, and decrease time spent reviewing detailed medical records. Deliver these records with all the corresponding data to the staff on time with just a few clicks.

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