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Data Security Solutions

Collect & safeguard information

Create digital forms in minutes by auto-populating data like permits, proposal requests, interdepartmental files in the entry fields to easily manage service level agreements. Give limited access to agents, managers, and executives based on their roles and further secure your data using View 360's SSL, encryption, and compliance measures.

Automate governmental workflows

Designate rules at the start of a project to automate assignments, routing, task creation, and reminders. Create workflows that allow your staff to monitor critical metrics in dynamic dashboards and deliver live data to understand work capacity, review performances, request additional work, and generate reports automatically.

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Automate Governmental Workflows
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Incident & Problem Management

Incident & problem management

View 360 alerts you automatically if work is stalled so that your staff can quickly identify the root causes and minimize the overall spread & impact of organizational incidents. It also allows you to log, classify, assign, and monitor tickets to the concerned parties so that your government can fast-track the resolution of independent incidents.

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