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An Energy Solution Designed To Achieve Operational Excellence

Energized Field Management

Digitize paper processes and manual workflows to enable extensive on-field operations with our field management solution. Simplify scheduling and dispatching of workers through our mobility-based software solution.

ENU Field Management

Monitor Power & Utilities Assets with IoT + AI

Monitor your utility assets in real-time, automate workflows, and identify and mitigate issues by taking corrective actions faster to avoid unplanned downtimes and reduce costs while increasing production.


Streamline Utility Project Management

Digitize inefficient manual tasks, redundant systems, and excel spreadsheets to use high-quality data that can forecast project costs, meet scaling up demands while making your operations more productive.

ENU Project Management

Energy Safety and Risk Mitigation

Ensure safety measures to minimize business risk by increasing your safety policy effectiveness. Transform and digitize processes, controls, and assets and bring transparency to your workforce.

Safety and Risk Mitigation

Earlier, our analysts had to create visualization routes and parse field management data weekly. Now, anyone can pick it up and learn about our real-time data, digging deep into metrics that matter to us, knowing that the data is accurate and trustworthy.

Worldwide Oilfield Services

A Solution That Increases Energy Productivity And Lowers Operational Costs

Utilities Data Compilation & Analysis

Analyze the large amounts of data your business processes generate and, with just a click, add resources to the processes that are demanding more effort by employees through our automation platform.

Utilities Data Compilation & Analysis
Legacy Systems Integration

Legacy Systems Integration

Integrate all your legacy HR, Finance, and IT systems into our automated platform to enable process automation and project intelligence, improve collaboration, on-time delivery, and control enterprise projects.

Energy Customer Engagement

Improve your business outcomes by providing a seamless customer service experience that hits every touchpoint with low response times and encourages positive customer engagement.

Energy Customer Engagement

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