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DMS as a tool

  • DMS is a web-based software that transforms a paper-intensive enterprise into a digital paperless organization.
  • The system helps in storing, tracking, retrieving and managing documents on
  • Cloud or on in-house servers while having centralized access. Everything is available on the central repository. Anyone and everyone with permission can access a file irrespective of where they are.

Top five widely-used use cases of the Document

  • Management system
  • HR Document Management
  • Accounts Payable Document Management
  • Document Centric Review and Approval Process
  • Contract management
  • Online Document Storage

HR Document Management

  • View360 understands how document-intensive and document-sensitive the HR department is.
  • It serves as a repository for every document-driven data that holds any and every information about the employees, their pay packages, offer letters, bonds and agreements, and other confidential documents.
  • Every employee-related data is secure and protected in the central digital repository.
  • Audit trails and reports constantly monitor every activity in the system and can easily track.
  • It also tracks down every task that is performed by any user.
  • A digital record sheet is automatically updated with every step.
  • View360 is a utility tool that makes the operation within the company time and cost-efficient.

Accounts Payable Document Management

  • With View360 DMS for accounts, automated account workflow can be generated, which further creates a payment pattern through which the flow of invoices are routed and reaches a concerned authority for the approval.
  • The process efficiently saves plenty of time while providing a clear view of the workflow.
  • Once the invoice is generated, it can be routed through an approval workflow.
  • The invoices are stored in the digital central repository so that it can be kept track of and shared when required.

Document Centric Review and Approval Process

  • From HR documents to purchase order to Invoice generation, every task requires an approval workflow.
  • This is where the DMS for review and approval comes into use.
  • Once the workflow begins, each participant in the process would be notified via email about the task they've been assigned.
  • The status of the workflow can be monitored by the users and the participants in the task. The workflow engine streamlines the review and approval process. Requester initiates the document approval. The document is sent to a reviewer or an approver. They can approve or reject the document or share their feedback. More stages can be added based on the requirement of the workflow.

Contract management

  • Managing and maintaining the contract and compliance documents electronically is a time-efficient practice.
  • Due its centralized operative feature, the View360 DMS can ensure that everyone is in sync with the current version of the document.
  • Notification preferences can be personalised. This would give users the option for getting notified only for the document they are required to be notified of.
  • System eliminates unnecessary efforts and establishes a review and approval process that just takes minutes for execution.

Online Document Storage

Today most enterprises opt for online storage that has proven to be the most suitable option for storing data online. Before the cloud era erupted, most companies were majorly dependent on their in-house servers for storing their ever-growing collection of data and files. However, with the arrival of the cloud, storing of data has become significantly convenient. Since cloud services are scalable, you can increase or decrease the storage on a single click and pay only for what you use. Cloud storage allows user to have a powerful backup against any disaster so the document is retrieved and recovered safely. The stored files can easily be accessed from anywhere making the data accessible 24x7x365.

Epik in partnership with archSCAN provides turn-key operation, converting paper chaos into an orderly, user-friendly electronic end product. Leverage View 360's Document management system (DMS) for end-to-end digitization of your back office paper records and legacy documents. We have worked with hospitals, universities, federal and state agencies, and private industry to organize, digitize, and manage their documents.

View360 Document Capture and Scanning Features

  • Capture documents and data from nearly any source with world-class OCR capabilities, document scanning software, and document capture software
  • Classify and process scanned files so that organizing documents is automatic and hassle-free
  • Extract meaningful data from documents to drive intelligent and dynamic business processes

View360 overview

  • Web-based platform
  • Unlimited folders & subfolders
  • Universal content search
  • Solr OCR/ Text search inside an image
  • Document versioning & restore
  • All file format supported
  • Multi site capabilities
  • Granular Access Control
  • Advanced document control features
  • Permission-based access controls
  • Document activity logs
  • File locking
  • Reset account access
  • Disable download, print & external share
  • Restrict Document edit, rename & copy
  • Data compression & encryption
  • Team Folders
  • Internal sharing with an expiry
  • External file sharing
  • File event tracking
  • Commenting
  • Page-Level Permissions
  • Reminders for Team
  • Bulk Upload/ Download at one time
  • Split PDFs
  • Merge Files
  • Indexing by tags, labels & hashtags
  • Detect duplicate documents
  • Document Printing
  • Admin console
  • Invite User
  • Managed Company Groups Managed System Roles
  • User management
  • Text based search
  • File based search
  • Metadata search
  • OCR Text search

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