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Increase In ROI By Cloud Solution
Increase in interaction with easy webcam feedback
Decrease in erroneous feedback with spam control

The Client

Our client is one of the biggest and most renowned American technology companies that designs graphics processing units (GPUs) for the gaming and professional markets and chip units for the mobile computing and automotive markets worldwide.

The Challenge

The client's new broadcast engine technology is a set of SDKs that use GPU acceleration to deliver AI-driven broadcast features that help live streaming app-makers provide their customers with features like advanced face tracking, virtual green screen, and style transfer filters. We were tasked with -

  • Designing and developing a solution with developers in mind.
  • Providing a cloud-based feedback solution.
  • Providing user tracking and secure user data storage.

Solutions Provided

  • A streamlined application that emphasized user experience.
  • A straightforward login that used user tracking technologies
  • A custom rating system for users with the option to integrate popular 3rd party solutions.
  • The ability to capture webcam recordings for feedback
  • Secure data collection and storage of essentials like app name, rating, and comments alongside model, driver name, resolution, etc.
  • A corresponding solution that emphasized productivity to access stored data.
  • Weekly reports of data with easy to understand visuals of measurements of the data stored on the server.

Brand Impact

  • The streamlined app with auto-populating fields increased logins by 71%
  • Easy webcam feedbacks encouraged user interaction by 35%
  • Secure data collection and storage on cloud increased ROIs by 23%
  • Spam control integrations negated erroneous reports by 97%
  • Easy access to stored data increased productivity by 44%
  • Easy to digest measurements with data visualizations improved business operations by 42%

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